Monday, May 30, 2011

Seaside continued....

Seaside 2011
Liam and Mommy
Grandpa Morse and AJ
Sweet Brothers
Love those plaid outfits! AJ was screaming in the picture before this because I tried to take away his blanket and paci. Needless to say, the picture WITH his blanket and paci turned out a little better.
Relaxing on the beach
The Gang at the beach
O.k., I have had a few complications with posting on my blog recently so rather than rewrite this entire post, I am just going to add a few more pictures from our trip and move on to something else. Again, we had a great time!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seaside 2011

We had a wonderful vacation again this year in Seaside, Florida. This is the same area where we went on vacation last year. I have been going to Seaside since I was a child and each trip is memorable and this one was no different. The boys were much easier this year and enjoyed the trip so much. They were a lot more interested in playing on the beach, building sand castles, catching crabs, and swimming in the pool. We were only indoors to sleep and spent many hours playing outdoors. The weather was beautiful and honestly I loved the heat! Yes, I really did and so did the boys. We were concerned that it might be too hot, but it was pleasant with temperatures in the 80's and lows in the 70's with a nice breeze on most days. It was summer weather, which is something we have very few weeks of in Minnesota! Grandma Mimi and Grandpa Morse joined us and were both very helpful with the boys. We have nearly 200 pictures from the trip so I will try my best to share some of our highlights! Enjoy! We can't wait to return to Seaside, I really had a hard time leaving this year.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little bit of Summer

Luke is working on airing up the bike tires like Daddy. The boys love riding behind our bikes in the Burley right now.
Not sure why this picture turned out so dark and the quality is not great since it was taken with my phone, but here is how the water table fun started....
And here is how it ended....
Aiden touching Daddy's tulips from Holland
We had about three days of true summer this week with hot and humid weather and it sure was nice. We broke out the water table and that quickly led to three very wet boys. I was outside on my own without John and really did not want to drag three grassy and wet kids into the house so what started as something simple quickly turned into a water party with three naked boys running around the yard! We got several comments from neighbors and hopefully no one was offended, but when the temperature finally reaches 80 degrees it is hard not to celebrate. We are hoping for some more warm weather as we have been rather cool again and rainy the past couple of days.
Aiden is 16 months old now and really changing. He is talking in conversations about who knows what, but he just babbles nonstop. He does clearly say the words: thank-you, water, puppy, ball, and mama. Enjoy a couple random pictures from our week.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Bike ride with Daddy on Mother's Day
Stopping for a picture after riding around the circle
Aiden at the playground
I had a wonderful weekend and very special Mother's Day even if I do not have a lot of pictures to post from it. John completely surprised me with an overnight trip downtown at a very nice hotel in St. Paul. We had an amazing dinner with conversation and time to eat and left without having to clean up anything off the floor. The next morning was probably the most beautiful day we have had in Minnesota all year. The temperature was warm and the sun was shining and we went for a nice long run on one of my favorite streets with all the trees and flowers blooming in front of some gorgeous old homes. We had breakfast and coffee followed by a matinee and then headed home to the boys. It was quite relaxing and a very nice break from our craziness at home. Thank you to John for planning such a wonderful weekend. As most people know, I really do not like surprises; however, this one turned out to be very special and one that I will not forget. Thank you also to our wonderful babysitter for entertaining (and wearing out) our three boys at home. The chalk covered driveway might never be the same.
Happy Mother's Day to my mom, mother in law, sister, grandmother, aunt, sisters in laws, and of course all of our special twin friends. "That's A LOT of Mommies", as Luke pointed out today when we talked about who would be celebrating Mother's Day. The boys woke up singing "Happy Birthday" in their beds so we knew that they remembered today was a special day, but not exactly sure they understood the difference between my birthday and mother's day.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Showers bring Snow Flurries?

Checking out some fish with Daddy
Meeting Sponge Bob Squarepants at Nickelodean Universe
Aiden was a little unsure about Mr. Spongebob initially, but he warmed up to him pretty quickly
Riding the Blues Clues Dog
Petting the StarfishHello!
Checking out some fish with Daddy
Aiden's newest love...trying to "drive" the car
Do I really need to explain? The boys were soaking wet after playing in the wet (and quite cold) grass, but they also needed to use the bathroom. We had them strip down outside since they were so dirty and you can guess what happened next.
So, its May 1st and it still feels like winter to me. John and I have decided that it is not the long winters that are so hard in Minnesota; its the lack of summer. Seriously, we can handle the snow and cold temps from November until March, but after that it is really time for a change. On the bright side, we have had a few warm days here and there and we are very fortunate not to be dealing with the flooding and tornadoes in so many areas south of us; however, this spring has been unusually cold and wet. We are kind of running out of things to do with the boys when we can't get outside. Neither John nor I are big shoppers and going to a mall is a little outside of our comfort zone, but we decided to do something different over the weekend. We took the boys to the Mall of America to visit the new Sea Aquarium. We have only been to the Mall of America a handful of times since we moved here, but the boys loved the aquarium. Our trip included watching the sharks eat, seeing several dozen or so different types of jellyfish and seahorses, and petting starfish. After the aquarium, we had lunch and rode a few rides before heading home for naps.