Monday, April 23, 2018

The April Blizzard and AAA tournaments

Liam's team on the ice in their third place game

Fun games at the hotel

Trying to balance a cookie on their forehead then move it to their mouth!

Big win in game #2 for Liam's team

Fun at the hotel!

A picture from inside the snow globe

Snow and more snow

Finn is working hard doing something

Lots of wind and snow

Covered in snow
Aiden is pumped for his game
Hockey tournaments are so tiring
Aiden and his team mate
Playing at the hotel with Liam's team
Third place win for Aiden's team
Third place for Aiden's team
Pretty excited about the trophy

April has been an interesting and record setting month in Minnesota.  Its has been a lot colder and snowier than average and it has felt more like January than April.  Last weekend, we spent most of our time at home during the blizzard that hit our area.  Maple Grove ended up with the highest snowfall total of 22 inches!  It was a crazy amount of snow.

Fast forward one week and we are finally thawing out.  Over the weekend, the temps made it to nearly 60 degrees.  It was amazing.  We spent the weekend in a hockey rink so we sadly didn't get a chance to enjoy the warmer temperatures a lot, but it was very nice when we stepped outside after being in the rink!

Liam had his travel tournament to St. Cloud with his AAA Euro Blue team.  They finished third in their tournament which is a big step forward for this team.  They are young and many of the kids are new to the team so we have a lot of growing to do, but by the end of the weekend they looked 100% better.

Aiden had his first ever AAA tournament so John and I had to divide and conquer to manage both tournaments for Liam and Aiden. His team also finished third and Aiden managed to score a HAT TRICK (three goals in one game).  He was so so excited.  John promised him a tournament t-shirt if he scored a hat trick so guess what Aiden reminded him of after the game!?  Yep, he got his t-shirt.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

So much for Spring....

Finn is helping John with a few projects around the house.  We have an issue with the garage door being pushed open too forcefully and it results in a hole in the wall from the door knob!  And yes, we have tried door stops and other types of door stopping mechanisms.

Super cute picture from last summer on our church's Facebook page with Liam and his best buddy, Jack.

Happy Spring from Minnesota.  Not so happy about the snow....
It is not exactly spring in Minnesota.  The calendar says it should be spring, but the weather feels like it should be Christmas.  We are all growing a bit tired of the snow and cold and ready to start some new sports that require grass and warmer temperatures.  The boys have not really complained although he excitement of playing in the snow is beginning to wane.  Hopefully, spring will be here shortly!!  

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Spring Break 2018

Dying Easter Eggs

Liam and Luke

Palm Sunday

Finn and his buddy, Max, on Palm Sunday

Our Eggs

Crossing the bridge at the park
Finn at the lego exhibit at the science museum
Aiden is standing next to a lego building!
Liam and his rainbow creation
Happy Easter!  He is Risen!

Lots of boys standing on a bridge over a frozen lake.  I bet you wanted to do this over your Spring Break!?
Quick stop at the swing

Building with triangles at the Science Museum

We had a fun filled and busy week with the boys on Spring Break.  Although we didn't travel to Mexico, Jamaica, or Hawaii, we managed to find lots of fun things to do nearby.  We spent time with lots of friends, enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, played at a park despite chilly temps, went to the Science museum, swimming, etc...The weather was a bit cold for this time of year, but we made the most of it and tried to spend some time outdoors on the days when the temps made it to a balmy 50 degrees.  The pictures above are a bit out of order for some reason, but as you can see it was a good time for the boys!