Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun with Friends

Snack time in the wagon
Group picture (left to right: Jack and Charlie, Sean and Shannon, Elliot and Olivia, Kenzie and Halle, and lastly Luke and Liam in front). For anyone having twins, here are examples of the many ways to transport them as well as boy/boy, boy/girl, and girl/girl twins!

Luke and Olivia


We enjoyed some play group fun with most of the people in our twins group this week. We started out playing indoors and then moved outside to the playground and had a snack. Due to vacations and other activities over the summer, we have not seen our entire group as much as we did over the winter. We have still gotten together occasionally, but the group has been a little smaller at times. We are all amazed at how far we have come considering that at our first playdates we had kids who could not even sit up yet! Playing is more fun now that we are mobile and a little more self sufficient; however, it is also a lot busier because we can get into everything. Watching 10 toddlers at a park is no easy task, which is why I didn't have time to get any pictures outside until we were seated having snacks. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Luke's First "Mini" Haircut

Here we go!
Cookies while you cut?

And suckers while you watch

Good job, Luke!

Playing while we wait...

Mommy had to make sure they did not cut off all the curls yet

The first snip

Pre-haircut: that is what we had to tame

Pre-Haircut with Daddy

Luke with his hand in the candy bowl!

Since Daddy does not think we should pull back Luke's hair with a little bow, we decided Luke needed a mini haircut. I say "mini" because I was not in favor of cutting off the curls, but we did need to shape it up a little and tame some of the curls. Luke did very well and sat in the chair all by himself without making even a peep. As long as he has his pacifier, most anything is o.k. His hair looks about the same, just maybe not quite so wild. I am not sure we actually got any post haircut pictures because we were pretty much ready to go when we were done!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Children are a Gift

Reorganizing the closet
We love time with Daddy

It has been a hot week in Minnesota, but the boys have enjoyed being outside when it is actually warm enough to swim. On days when it is a little cooler or windy, they really don't enjoy the water very much. We spent lots of time outside this week and many days in the water. The boys also turned another month older...19 months already! They are babbling all the time and showing their independence a little more. Still completely opposite in terms of their personalities, but they definitely enjoy each other's company and know when the other one is not around.

I rarely post very serious things on this blog because the intent is more for friends and relatives to be able to follow the boys in their daily and weekly adventures as they grow. This week, however, I was reminded of how special the boys are and how much I should cherish them when a friend that I know from high school lost her two day old baby girl. Certainly it is not always easy to find new things for them to do each day and ways to challenge them to grow and develop. They are little sponges that watch so much of what we do. Hearing them laugh, watching them point at birds and airplanes in the sky, and listening to them play in their cribs at night makes it worth the messes they can make at dinner and the screaming fits they can have over something that seems so small. Children are a gift from God and I am thankful for each day I can spend with Luke and Liam.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little Climbers

Now that is Trouble....
Liam sitting at his new desk from the Maymirs

Luke is sorting Little People figurines and putting them in boxes (Don't ask why because I have no idea, but he is entertained!)

Even more trouble...don't worry the shelves are bolted to the wall

Look brother, here is where she stores all those toys and books

We were fortunate to receive some new toys from our friends the Maymirs last weekend and the boys have really enjoyed them. The pictures I took don't even begin to show all the items they were generous enough to give us (several trucks, a work bench, picnic table, Little People figures, as well as items the boys will grow into); however, I tried to get a few with the boys and their favorites. There will be more pictures to come as the boys grow into some of the toys. The picnic table makes me a little nervous right now because Luke just likes to climb on top of it and sit or stand on the table. As you will see in the pictures, the boys are becoming quite adept at climbing. Liam is probably a little more agile, despite being smaller. Luke, however, is very daring and will try just about anything particularly if his brother is doing it. Enjoy! Thank you Juan Carlos, Debbie, Isabel, and Benjamin for all of the great toys!