Monday, November 24, 2014

Finn's First Time Sledding and the "Gritty Grinders"

Daddy, Aiden and Finn on the sled

Finn is not too sure what we are planning

Oh, that was FUN!

The ice rink is not quite ready yet....but close.  There were some major issues over the weekend due to all the melting from temps in the 40s so there is a bit of a delay now.  

Dragging Finn up the hill to sled

Luke and Liam displaying their "Gritty Grinder" awards after hockey practice.  Note the chain with a hockey puck hanging at the end of it.

We had some warmer temperatures over the weekend and Finn was able to get outside a little bit in the snow.  It has really been bitter cold with daytime highs well below freezing so he has not been outside a whole lot except to drop his brothers at the bus stop.  Thankfully, we still do several indoor play areas during the winter and he plays hockey in the basement so we don't all go completely crazy.  I am pretty sure we never sent Luke and Liam (or probably Aiden for that matter) down the hill alone on the sled at Finn's age, but Finn went and did just fine!

Luke and Liam won the "Gritty Grinder" award at hockey practice over the weekend.  The award is given to the two kids on their team that work the hardest.  The boys started hockey at the beginning of November and they are really enjoying it.  Their team is called the Gophers and they are the only "new kids" on the team.  All of the other boys have been playing for at least a year or two so many of these kids are not your average six year old on skates!  Luke and Liam learned how to skate on the backyard rink since neither John nor I have any hockey skills whatsoever.  They have been trying to keep up with our neighbor, Jack, who is eight and has been playing hockey for about three years now.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Brrr....its COLD outside!

  Finn actually went over to the hockey bag and pulled out Liam's pads and gloves to put on.  He is also wearing the tiniest skates we own (size 6-7).  All of the big boys wore these skates, albeit very briefly!

Luke (top middle with ball) in action on the basketball court while Daddy and Aiden coach the team

Liam receiving his medal after the final basketball game

The whole team 
He may look innocent, but there goes the puck stealer right there (in the footed pajamas)

Dry land hockey practice

He wanted to wear a helmet AND gloves

Liam as the goalie

Liam and Aiden are celebrating because they won the Stanley cup!

Ahhh....I have been trying to get in here the entire time.  Now, I have all my pucks!

The temperature and landscape in Minnesota have changed significantly in the last week.  After raking leaves and mowing grass one weekend, we were shoveling snow 24 hours later.  Last week, we were blasted with several inches of snow and temps dropped to daytime highs in the 20's.  Based on the 10 day forecast, I would say it is going to be a long winter.  We generally don't have temps quite this cold in November.  The snow and really cold stuff is more typical of late December or January.

Nonetheless, it is cold so we have gotten an early start to all our typical winter activities.  The backyard ice rink was installed last weekend and John worked on filling it with water throughout the week.  We have a dry land hockey rink set up in the unfinished basement to burn extra energy although the games are becoming so competitive that we really need helmets and maybe pads too.  Finn loves to play hockey with his brothers and wouldn't even consider being left out if he hears them downstairs.

Luke and Liam had their final basketball game over the weekend.  They began playing basketball  in September and have practiced and played every Saturday.  They have really enjoyed it and John has enjoyed coaching them.  It was a fun season and I am really hoping they pick basketball over hockey in a few years; unfortunately we are not exactly headed in that direction.  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mr. Personality

Sitting at the table like a big boy while Aiden does his school work (this didn't last very long, but it was worth a try)
Finn in his Cowboy shirt that his godparents got for him in South Dakota

Wearing his hockey gloves from cousin Zach

And now the hockey pants and gloves 
He loves to "help" with laundry

And enjoys watching Luke and Liam play hockey

This was taken at one of our favorite parks before the weather started getting colder.  That is a picture of Aiden and Liam on top of the sledding hill.

Finn turned 15 months old on October 29th.  I would say that in the last month, it seems he has really started to develop his own personality.  He wants to be doing exactly what his brothers are doing all the time.  For example, he really wants to ride the school bus when we walk Luke and Liam down to the bus in the morning for school.  He screams when I pick him up and he insists on standing in line for the bus.  

Finn has also found his voice.  When all his big brothers are all trying to tell me something at the same time, Finn will frequently chime in with his babbling and talking over his brothers.  Wouldn't want to be left out, right?  One of his favorite things to say is "Touchdown" and he raises both of his arms like a football touchdown.  Although he doesn't actually say the word touchdown, it sounds a little like it.

Finn is not afraid to get right in on whatever his brothers are doing.  He is one tough cookie.  Wrestling on the floor, riding scooters, playing soccer, football, or hockey...he is up for just about anything especially if his brothers are involved.

Finn is very adamant when he wants something.  He is not easily distracted, but tends to persist in asking for whatever it is he is requesting.  With Aiden, for example, you could find something else equally enticing and he would move on.  Finn, however, doesn't let things go.  For example, one day at lunch, I wouldn't let him eat an orange without peeling it first and this is what he thought about it.  
Not so happy....

Thankfully, most of the time, he is sweet and funny.  We all laugh at his facial expressions, his babbling, and attempts to get into just about anything he can reach.  The big boys find it hilarious when he gets into the trash, toilet, and other such items.  

Finn had his 15 month check up this week and he is currently the largest of all four boys.  We compared his height, weight, and head circumference to his brothers at the same age and Finn is an inch taller and a pound heavier than either Luke or Aiden (who were basically identical in height and weight at 15 months) at the same age.  He is in the 99th percentile for height and 98th percentile for weight.  No wonder he is so heavy to carry around!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Liam (#8) and Luke (#9) started playing hockey this weekend (the day after Halloween).  We were a bit tired, but managed to get them in bed at a decent time after trick or treating and loading up on candy.

We had three ninjas and a lion this year.  

The Lion really didn't want to stand still with all those crazy Ninjas!

Sweet Finn

Aiden and his buddy, Rylen

Luke (in blue on left), Jack (back camo Ninja), Aiden, Rylen, Liam (black Ninja), and Riley (policeman)

We have just a few kids in our neighborhood

Jack (camo Ninja) and Liam (black Ninja)

Aiden (red Ninja)

After the Halloween parade with everyone

Trick or Treating with Finn.  This was a little difficult since his brothers moved at the speed of lightening.

Finn's first house

Candy break

We enjoyed a fun evening of trick or treating on Halloween this year.  Unfortunately, it was the coldest Halloween in eight years for Minnesota!!  The temps were around 28-30 degrees so it was chilly to be out in just a costume.  We layered the boys with two pairs of pants, two shirts, a fleece jacket, wool socks, gloves, etc..with their costumes.  They were running so fast from house to house that I am pretty sure they never actually got cold.  

It didn't take Finn very long to figure out what he was supposed to do; however, he was more interested in taking the candy in and out of his bucket than he was in going from house to house.  His favorite treat so far has been the mini tootsie roll suckers.

Luke, Liam, and Aiden all decided to be Ninjas this year.  They love the t.v. show called American Ninja Warrior.  Finn's lion costume has been well-used.  It was given to us when we lived in New Jersey and now all four boys have now been a lion for Halloween around the age of 1-2 years.

The highlight of John's weekend was definitely getting to see the boys skate on a team for the first time this year.  They are playing hockey for this year in the city where we live and practice started early Saturday morning following Halloween.  The boys were super excited to have a jersey with their name and a number on it, although they were a little disappointed that the jersey had their last name and not their FIRST name.