Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Apple Jack's 2017

Our visit to Apple Jack's 2017

Standing in line to ride the Cow train

Corn Maze

Aiden on the zip line

Liam and friend, Brady, shooting the apple cannons

Luke picked his pumpkin

Family picture

Tire jumping

Aiden and Liam

Feeding goats with buddy, Jack

Hooray for the cow train!

Lots and lots of corn



Corn Maze with our friends

Fun Day with Friends
We enjoyed a fun weekend with a few days off from school for a Minnesota Teacher's meeting that occurs yearly.  We always look forward to this weekend because it means a few days off from school.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather for at least part of the weekend so we made the trek to the pumpkin/apple orchard.  This is something we have been doing with all of the boys before they could even walk.  It is a lot of fun and a good way to get everyone in bed early (including John and I).  Lots of fresh air and walking means tired kids and parents.  We had a good group this year with several friends and kids so it was a fun day that we will remember in a few weeks when the snow begins to fall!  YIKES!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mimi's fall visit

Minnesota Fall

Minnesota Fall colors

Aiden finished FIRST in the one mile race at the Riebe Run

Here he is coming in to the finish line

Finn also completed the one mile race

Lunch with Mimi
Liam and Jack at the trampoline park

Sky Zone jumping with the boys

Mimi and Finn

We enjoyed a very nice visit with Mimi.  She arrived last week and spent the weekend with us.  She was able to see Finn's school and meet his teacher, Ms Kristi.  The boys all tried on their Halloween costumes for Mimi and she was able to see them in person.  I will keep our theme a surprise for now!  

On Saturday morning, we were up and dressed early for a 5K race in memory of John's good friend, Greg, who passed away suddenly as the result of a heart issue.  Liam and I ran the race together while John and Luke ran together.  Luke improved his previous 5K time by several minutes and ran really well.  Mimi hung out with Finn and Aiden while they watched all of us run the race.  We also made it to Aiden's first basketball game with his 2nd grade team.  He has a good little team this year and John is coaching again along with a good friend of ours.  

On Sunday, Mimi took the boys to one of their favorite places to play, Skyzone indoor trampoline park.  Our good friend Kirsten and her boys met us there and we jumped for two hours.  The boys were sweaty and tired afterwards.  We enjoyed Mimi's visit and enjoyed introducing her to a few of our friends and activities.  It was a beautiful fall weekend with gorgeous fall colors and crisp temperatures.  

Monday, October 9, 2017

Annual Iowa Football Game and Finn's Weekend

Go Hawks Go!!

Grandpa Carrithers with the boys at the game.  Thankfully, the rain held off!

Exciting atmosphere!

Ms. McWilliams and the boys (see cool story below).  The older boy in the background is a former student of Ms McWilliams who is now a freshman in college at Iowa.  He went to the same elementary school where the big boys attend and came to say hello to his second grade teacher!

The boys and Ms McWilliams

Animated Aiden with Grandpa

Getting ready to head into the game
Finn's souvenir that the boys brought home for him

Enjoying ice cream while his brothers were gone!

Fall festival at the park

McDonald's (he got enough ketchup for his brothers even though they were not there!)
John and the three older boys made their annual trek to Iowa for a football game over the weekend.  It was homecoming weekend in Iowa and the Hawks played Illinois.  The boys love doing this trip with John and getting to see Tom and Charlene along with Grandma and Grandpa Carrithers.  It is a quick weekend, but lots of fun.  The Hawks managed to pull off a win and the weather stayed nice so it made the trip even more enjoyable.  Special thanks to Tom and Charlene for hosting everyone and to Grandma and Grandpa Carrithers for making the trip.

Ironically, Aiden's second grade teacher (Ms McWilliams) was also at the Iowa game.  She and Aiden figured out they were going to be at the same game over the weekend so she gave us her cell phone number and the boys met up with her after the game.  Ms McWilliams also taught both Luke and Liam in second grade.  She told me at orientation that in her 20+ years of teaching, she has only had one other family where she taught all FOUR kids.  I told her that if she can hold off retirement for another 3-4 years, then maybe we can be the the second family!  She is a wonderful teacher and an amazing person.  We are so blessed to have all three older boys in her class.

Meanwhile, although Finn and I missed being in Iowa for the football game and all the fun, we enjoyed a very low key weekend at home.  Most of Finn's day to day involves taking his brothers to and from hockey, basketball, sleepovers, school events, playdates, etc...So, for one weekend, we did only things for Finn and he thought it was pretty awesome.  We went to McDonalds, one of his favorite pizza places, had ice cream, visited the library for new books, went to a park and fall festival,  played with his friends in the neighborhood, and we didn't have to worry about any schedules.  We both enjoyed the weekend off!