Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Vacation To the Wisconsin Dells

Aunt Jennifer and Aunt Ann with Cousins Seth and Jacob
Our Silly Cousin Jacob who entertained us all week
Luke is exhausted after a few hours at the Water park.
A train ride with our grandparents and cousins
Aunt Ann and Cousins Ella and Caitlin
Cousin Collin

Liam Swinging at the Water Park
Riding the Train with Mom and Dad
Painting Pottery
Liam Eating dinner (holding the spoon with his two little teeth)

We returned from our second big trip for this month. Our first trip was a visit to see Hannah's family in Arkansas and most recently we went to the Wisconsin Dells area with John's extended family for a week vacation. We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone. The boys did very well and even managed to sleep better than they did on their trip to Arkansas. There were several "firsts" on this trip for Liam and Luke such as.....

-The first time to meet their newest cousin, Carter, his big brother Collin, and Uncle Jason and Aunt Sheryl.

-A trip to a water park and even go down a small water slide with Dad.

-A ride on a miniature train.

-A week away from home and our first trip to Wisconsin.

-A first family vacation

-A trip to paint pottery with mom and dad.

Luke and Liam enjoyed all of the attention, the hugs, and the kisses from their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Future Minnesota Hockey Players?

The boys have enjoyed learning about hockey from their cousins Zach and Seth this week so we will see if they decide to play hockey when they are older. Considering hockey is like baseball in MN, there is a strong possibility they might play if we are still living here. We are headed to the Wisconsin Dells area next week for a vacation with John's extended family including all of the boy's cousins that range in age from roughly 3 months to 12 years. It should be a fun time and we are excited to see everyone. Pray for decent sleep for the boys! They often have a hard time sleeping well in a new environment. John and I were pretty tired after our trip to Arkansas because we had a few rough nights. Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Aunt Jennifer and Cousins Zach and Seth

Aunt Jennifer and Cousin Seth feeding the boys
Seth Holding Luke and Zach holding Liam
mmmm Carrots (Luke)
not sure if I want anymore or not (typical for Liam)

This week the boys are having fun with their Aunt Jennifer and their cousins, Zach and Seth while they are here to participate in a nearby hockey camp. We are really enjoying the extra help and all the baby holders. John and I even went out to dinner without babies! It was quite an odd feeling not to be carrying anything into the restaurant and not feeling like we needed to hurry up and eat before someone had a meltdown. We are having a great time with our visitors and the boys are definitely enjoying all the extra attention.
We are still amazed at how much the boys are eating. They must be really growing because we seem to always be buying baby food. We are making some of the baby food, which helps with the cost of things; however, it is hard to keep up with their appetites. Our next doctor's appointment is in about 2 weeks so we will have some updated stats pretty soon. Luke is definitely heavy!

Friday, July 11, 2008


We are six months old today, July 11. We are really changing and growing. We love to eat, love to play with each other, and love to spend time with mom and dad. Luke is still the larger of the boys weighing around 19 pounds. Luke is typically a very happy and mellow baby as long as he eats and naps. Luke loves to smile and frequently laughs out loud. He is grabbing for everything, including his brother. Liam is slightly smaller and around 15 pounds. He is very silly and constantly babbles, blows bubbles, and grins. John and I think he always looks like he is up to something. We predict he will be the one with the "ideas" of how to get in trouble while his brother will be the one who actually follows through on them. Liam is a little monkey, very flexible and always playing with his feet. He is still the "standing prodigy" and the first to get two little teeth. Mom and Dad can't believe it has already been six months, but we are trying to enjoy each day and savor the time. Have a wonderful weekend! Happy 6 months to our cousin Calvin as well.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our First Big Trip

Meet our Cousin Calvin

Luke, Liam, and Calvin

Luke, Calvin, and Liam

Grandma Mimi with the boys
Grandpa Morse with the Boys after our Run
My sister and I with Calvin
My 91 year old Grandmother and Mother to twins

We made our first big trip with the boys over the fourth of July to visit my family in Arkansas. Overall, the boys did very well riding in the car for roughly 12 hours! They were very happy to be home last night and seemed to recognize their toys, the dog, and their crib. We divided the trip into two days and stopped frequently to feed and play with the boys. In the meantime, we sang children's songs from their CD and played with the boys from the back seat in the van to help pass the time. It is amazing what you will listen to if it makes them happy. As luck would have it, Liam started teething the day before we left on our trip to Arkansas. He has two little teeth coming in and was somewhat cranky at times.
The highlight of our trip was getting to meet Calvin, my sister's son that was born on the same day as the boys. We had so much fun getting to see Calvin as well as the rest of my family including the boy's grandparents and great grandparents. I am posting pictures of the boys with their cousin, my parents, and their great grandparents including my 91 year old grandmother, also a mother of twins (my dad and his sister). At the time when she gave birth to twins, she did not even know she was having two babies and she only had a dozen cloth diapers! Honestly, I cannot imagine!

Hope you had a Happy 4th!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Precious Commodity

Aside from the boys, there is another very precious commodity in our house and that is SLEEP. It often does not matter how you get it, but every extra minute or two counts. As John will tell you, I am often mentally and physically exhausted after a week with the boys (and sometimes just after a hard day!). John and I once thought marathon training or a hard week at work could wipe us out, but the "L&L train" (as we refer to the boys) can wear you out in a mere 24 hours. Here are a couple cute pics of us trying to catch up on some rest. In a few pictures, we have the boys in their crib-they are still sleeping together for now, which is so cute to see.