Monday, April 27, 2015

Corcoran Hornets

Luke and Liam went on a field trip at school to a one room school house and they were asked to dress appropriately too!  They really loved learning how people dressed and worked in school on slates many years ago.

Have I mentioned Finn is a HANDFUL?
Aiden's first t-ball game!  He is playing for the Corcoran Hornets

Aiden picked #1 as his jersey number

Aiden's team

The Corcoran Hornets

Getting ready to bat


Aiden had his first t-ball game and he was very excited to play.  He has been talking about it for several days now as he finally gets his turn and his brothers get to watch (well, sort of).  Luke and Liam watched half of his game before John had to leave with them for their baseball game.  Over the next couple of months, we have baseball for all three boys on the same nights at very close to the same time in two different places.  I guess its better than doing baseball four nights a week!  Finn definitely wouldn't enjoy that too much.

Aiden had a great time.  I think his favorite part was his jersey with a #1 and hitting a home run.  It felt like a pretty long game although it was only an hour.  Baseball is pretty laid back with several 4-5 year olds who kind of follow the ball like soccer when it is hit-they all run to the ball!  These games are quite an experience.  They are a mix of kids playing the dirt, picking grass, going to the bathroom, and running after the ball tackling their own team mates to get it.  I am just thankful the weather was so nice because we have had a few baseball seasons start with freezing cold temps!  

Monday, April 20, 2015

3 on 3 Spring Hockey

Aiden is all dressed and ready for his first game with 3v3 spring hockey
Finn is enjoying a smore with his godmother and our neighbor, Melissa

Young Jedi (who watches what his brothers do)

Photo bombers (when I was taking pics of Aiden for hockey)

Ready to go
Aj on the ice

We began spring hockey this weekend.  It actually started last weekend while we were in Arkansas, but I honestly wasn't upset we had to miss.  When there isn't snow outside, the weather is warm, and you are wearing shorts and no coat, hockey really isn't fun at all.  Considering 50% of our weekend had temps in the low 70's (the rest of the weekend was cold and rainy), it was hard to spend anytime indoors especially at a cold ice rink.  We are, however, signed up for a spring hockey league where the boys play 3 on 3 games for an hour every Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon for four weeks.  The boys are really excited to play so hopefully we will survive the next month even if the weather turns out to be nice.  Aiden has not played on a formal hockey league yet, but we signed him up to do 3v3 just to give him a chance to try it out.  He has played enough hockey in the backyard with his brothers and other older kids that he can definitely hold his own.  He was excited to play for the first time and recognized several kids from his school.  Baseball and t-ball start soon so stay tuned for more action!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

UA vs UK Baseball Weekend

Aunt Jennifer with the boys

Luke, Liam, and AJ shared a room with Aunt Jennifer so Finn could sleep a little later in the morning.  The big boys are typically up before Finn.

Getting our baseballs signed with Cousin Zach

Mimi and the boys

Grandpa Morse and the boys
Opening new KY shirts and items from Aunt Jennifer

Finn's new KY shirt.  His one from last summer was a little short.

Posing for a picture with Zach

Finn refused to face the wall

Photo bomb from Cousin Calvin in the background

Zach and teammate warming up

Getting to see Zach after the game on Saturday night

Cousin Zach, #39 on University of Kentucky baseball team

Liam, Calvin, and Luke with John

Liam and Calvin

This is what cotton candy does to you!

John (in stands) watching Zach warm up (against wall)

Aiden's baseball that he got at the game on Sunday!

Metting Ribby the Razorback

Finn and Ribby

Zach on the mound at the Sunday afternoon game!!

We had a super fun extended weekend with a trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas.  We have been talking about taking a trip to Arkansas for at least a year now.  The University of Arkansas baseball team was playing the University of Kentucky in Fayetteville which is only about 3 hours from my entire family.  John's sister's oldest son is a left handed freshman pitcher at the University of Kentucky so our plan was to see him play baseball and visit with my family.  It was a busy, fun, crazy weekend.  We managed to squeeze in three baseball games, swimming at the hotel, playing at the park, eating out, visiting, etc...The boys were counting down the days to see Zach play baseball and visit with their cousin, Calvin.  As we were leaving Arkansas, they were begging to stay a little longer.

We arrived on Friday afternoon just in time for Zach's first game.  Although our trip down to Fayetteville was not an easy one, that's another story that I won't get into at this point. Thankfully, we arrived safely and quickly went to the baseball game after meeting up with my entire family and John's sister, Jennifer.  On Saturday, we had a full day of playing and swimming before heading to the next game that evening.  We originally planned to head back to MN on Sunday morning; however, the timing of the game was moved up and the boys were out of school on Monday for a teacher workshop so we opted to stay a bit longer and leave Sunday afternoon.

We are so thankful we were able to stay in Fayetteville a bit longer on Sunday because we were able to see Zach pitch at the final game.  When we saw him run across the field to the warm up area, we were definitely excited.  We were able to see Zach pitch several innings and he did an awesome job!  Thank you to Jennifer, Zach, and all of my family for a wonderful weekend.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Not an Easter Picture, but we had a fun week on spring break.  We went to SkyZone Trampoline Park with our best friends, Jack, Charlie, and Andy.  

Reading about the resurrection eggs

Very excited to hunt some eggs!!

Luke and Finn hunting for eggs.  We did one hunt indoors and then another one outside (all before 8:00 am).

Finn figured out what to do pretty quickly

Hunting eggs before church

It was chilly outside!

Finn LOVED the jelly beans

Comparing the Loot

Easter 2015

Walking into church
We had a fun-filled week with Spring Break and Easter.  Luke and Liam were off school all week so we did lots of fun things and enjoyed not having to do homework and get ready for school each morning.  We went swimming, went on a trip to SkyZone with our friends, played a pick up hockey game, went to a movie, and enjoyed some of our favorite restaurants.  I can't say the weather was all that spring-like.  It wasn't snowing so that's a bonus, but it wasn't exactly park weather either.  We had a day or two of somewhat warmer temps, but mostly it was cold and often quite windy.  Luke asked me if they had another break before summer so I think that is a good sign that they had a fun week!

Our week was topped off with a very nice Easter.  The boys were super excited about finding the eggs and eating any and all candy they could manage to get into their mouths as quickly as possible.  Finn caught on very quickly and loved the jelly beans although I am sure he would have eaten anything we gave him.  He went crazy over the candy!

My pictures above would normally include several pictures of us dying eggs.  I do have pictures to prove we attempted to dye eggs, but I don't have any actual eggs.  We tried something a little different this year.  Aiden has an egg allergy and last year he had an allergic reaction while handling some of the eggs we were dying and decorating.  So, we attempted to use some "egg alternatives" that Target makes, but they were a total flop.  They are made for decorating and dying, but they would not hold the dye color at all and they floated so it was tricky to get them under water.  On the bright side, you could decorate them, drop them, or whatever you please since they didn't crack or break easily.  I am, however, a little bitter at Target for selling these "eggs" that really didn't work at all.  I will have a new plan for next year and may have to test it out in advance this time.