Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Purchases

Rise and Shine!

New Rocking Chair!

Bumbo Chairs-one of our favorites!!

We had a very nice, yet busy, weekend. We are enjoying several new purchases with the boys. First of all, we got Bumbo Chairs. Initially, we only bought one because it is not always necessary to have two of everything. In this case, however, I would go with two! They love the chairs and it is so much easier to interact with them while they are sitting in the chairs. Secondly, we are enjoying our rocking chair that was a gift from Grandpa and Grandma Carrithers. John rocks the boys for a little while after the 3:00 am feeding before putting them to bed. The chair is nice and big to allow for us to read books to the boys as they get older. Lastly, we made the plunge and purchased a minivan over the weekend. I was always against having a minivan and really still don't like them that much, but it certainly serves its purpose. We were really limited with our other two cars. The carseats did not fit in the Honda Civic and they barely fit in the Jeep. They were also very difficult to lift into the Jeep, did not allow for passengers other than the four of us, and John could hardly fit in the drivers seat because it had to be moved up to allow for the carseats. As has been the theme for us so far in several areas, either car might have worked a little longer with one baby, but they were very limited with two. Two babies add a level of complexity that we are learning to appreciate and would not change for a second especially when we see how the boys interact with each other.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Growing Babies

Luke and Liam had their first check-up for immunizations this week. The doctor said they look great and are growing very well so the breastfeeding continues to pay off. They are on a normal growth scale (not one for premature babies). He said that in many areas they are already surpassing full-term babies. We were told Liam is actually advanced in one area-he likes to "stand" with his skinny little legs. He puts full weight on them and you can support him with your hands-it is quite funny, but the doctor said this is not normal for a two month old. He suggested we invest in some exersaucers pretty soon. John and I joked that he will be running soon! They are clearly very different in their body sizes and builds, but we already knew that. Luke continues to be quite chunky and Liam very slender. They still have a bit to catch up to their cousin, Calvin who was at 13 lbs a few weeks ago and is around 15 lbs now. Here are their stats:

Luke: 23 inches (50th percentile)12 lbs. 10 oz (75th percentile)

Liam:22 inches (10th percentile)10 lbs. 6 oz (25th percentile)

I am posting a few pictures with the onesies John and I purchased in Manhattan before we moved as well as some adorable bibs we received from a friend of ours in New Jersey. You can probably tell by the size discrepancy, but Liam is on the left and Luke is on the right.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a very nice Easter despite the fact that it did not feel like Easter. It was relatively cold and it actually snowed. John and I joked that when the boys are older then we will have to hide white Easter eggs because that will keep them busy for a LONG time! Here is a point of interest that I got in an email from my father in law....this is the earliest Easter since 1913 and the next time Easter will be this early will be in the year 2228. So, lets hope that all of our Easters in MN are not quite so snowy. I am posting a couple pictures of the boys in their "snow bunny" suits and with their baseball Easter baskets from Grandpa and Grandma Carrithers. was quite an ordeal to get these pictures and I won't show you the ones with them screaming!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, the boys had some Irish beer with their dad. No, not really, but John thought it made a pretty funny picture. There are also a few pictures from Tummy time last week when the boys pretty much fell asleep while I was changing the diaper/clothing on their brother. I would rather them fall asleep than cry the entire time!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Two Months Old

Liam and Luke will be two months old on Tuesday, March 11. It is very hard for us to believe it has been two months already. The time has flown by and the boys are changing so quickly. They are eating every four hours and sleeping one five hour span at night. The schedule has helped us tremendously to have more stamina during the day. John helps will all the feedings except two while he is at work. I have learned to do the tandem breastfeeding on my own, change diapers, burp, etc... in about an hour; however, it is much smoother with John's help. Needless to say, the boys will learn patience at an early age! We are getting a little more settled in the house each week. John painted a bathroom over the weekend and I was able to run errands for a few hours on Saturday. We are definitely ready for spring and anxious to start getting outside a little more often with the boys. We also had a visit from our good friends, the Maymirs, on Sunday. The Maymirs took care of our pets when the boys were born and we were at the hospital and they also allowed us to stay with them for a week when we moved to Minnesota. From the top, pictures are of: Luke, Liam, Liam on the left and Luke on the right, Debbie Maymir holding Liam.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our First Adventure With Mom

I went out yesterday for the first time with just myself and the boys. We went to Target to get some small items and diapers that would fit in the bottom of the double snap and go stroller. I have learned that the store is pretty much vacant in the middle of the day. It was really nice to get out of the house and a big deal for me to do it alone. It took awhile to get ready with two carseats, blankets, diaper bag, etc... The boys were great the entire time and started screaming about 15 min after we got in the door since it was close to feeding time. We went in the afternoon since that is when the boys seem to be the crankiest. It was quite weird to do it by myself, but overall it went well.

I am posting a few recent pictures. The boys are growing and will be two months old next week.