Monday, June 26, 2017

Golf and VBS

Relaxing with a friends dog at his brother's baseball game

Finn enjoyed the preschool VBS with his buddies
Harry Potter Reading Club!  We are reading the first Harry Potter book together and making crafts/watching the movie along the way.  

Park with some Friends on a chilly and windy day.

We had a fun week of golf camp for Luke and Liam along with Preschool Vacation Bible School for Finn.  Luke and Liam are doing a golf program called "First Tee" where they practice golf and also have classes to learn the basics of the game including etiquette, rules, etc...  Each of them received a set of golf clubs as part of the class so we will likely be taking a few trips to the driving range this summer as well.

Aiden is also doing golf this summer with several of his buddies.  He has classes twice per week for an hour or so per time.  He is also really enjoying a new sport.

Finn loved Vacation Bible school at our church.  Although he was pretty tired at the end of the day, he really enjoyed the Bible stories, crafts, games, snacks, and songs.

We are nearing the end of baseball season.  The boys have all really enjoyed it and have learned a lot in the process.  Luke and Liam will have a tournament after the 4th of July to finish off the season.  We are excited to start some recreational soccer in mid July.  The best part for us is that all three big boys play at the same place and same time twice a week so we won't have to divide and conquer.  

Monday, June 19, 2017

Grandpa's Visit and Father's Day 2017

Liam at Luke at the All Star Game

Luke and Liam with some other teammates at the all star game

Twins game with Grandpa Morse

Twins game!

Chin up

Liam pitching at the all star game

Finn playing with Grandpa

High Five from TC Bear

Getting ready for the game

Luke got a ball!

Checking things out

Go Twins!!

Running the bases

Happy Father's Day

Base running

Checking out the dugout
We had a super fun weekend of baseball and time spent with Grandpa Morse.  Grandpa arrived on Thursday afternoon in time to eat dinner with all of us and then head to Aiden's baseball game.  On Friday, we enjoyed a pool day with friends and played with Grandpa.  Friday night was the Home Run Derby and All Star Game for Luke and Liam's baseball team.  Liam was selected to play on the All Star Team so we all went to cheer for him.  It was a fun game to watch and very exciting that Liam got to play in it.  On Saturday, Luke and Liam had a regular season game and then we enjoyed a nice dinner in a nearby town on Lake Minnetonka.  The weather was gorgeous for most of the weekend and it was fun to take Grandpa around to all the baseball games.

On Father's Day, we made our annual trip to see the Twins play the Cleveland Indians.  Although they ended up losing the game, it was fun to watch with Grandpa.  We enjoyed lunch, snacks, treats and enjoyed the game.  When the game was over, we went down to run the bases.  It was fun to be on the actual field.  After the game, we headed to a local pizza place with some amazing pizza.  Such a fun weekend with Grandpa!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Last Day of 1st and 3rd Grades

Our first "Pool Friday" with friends on the first day of summer.  This is Finn with his buddy, Landon.  They are holding their "balloon babies" (water balloons).

Our second annual bike to school day

Aiden and his first grade teacher, Ms. Heuer

Finn and Sam rode to school on the back of my bike

Last day of 1st and 3rd grade

Getting on the bus for the last time

First day of 1st and 3rd grades

Luke and Charlie celebrating after the last day of school

Fun Carnival party after school

Pool party with friends over the weekend
We had a very fun final week of school last week.  We are definitely in the summertime mode now although we are still trying to find our routine.  We have a couple camps and various things coming up so we will need to adjust quickly to a new schedule.  It is definitely nice to not have to be up quite so early in the morning and to not have to worry about homework in the afternoons.

We did our second annual bike to school trip right before school let out.  It was a bit of a last minute decision, but the boys really enjoyed it and thankfully the weather was perfect.  Aiden rode the bus with our neighbor, but hopefully he will be ready to make the roughly 3 mile trek next year.  Its a bit of a tricky ride with some busy streets and one big hill to climb.

Although she said she was "keeping things simple this year," Kirsten had her annual last day of school party last week.  She did a carnival themed party and had all kinds of games and things for the kids to do.  She even had the ice cream truck come through so the kids could each buy something.  It wasn't exactly my definition of "simple" as the kids had water gun fights, water balloons, a photo booth, face painting, and many more fun games to pick from.  The boys had a tremendous amount of fun.  Thanks to our friends for organizing a fun event.

We love summer and we are looking forward to many fun days ahead!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Finn's surgery

Getting prepped for surgery

Marshall (from Paw Patrol) is also getting ready for surgery

Very sleepy after surgery in recovery room

Relaxing on the couch after surgery.  Daddy bought him the giant dragon at the hospital
Sticker fun with a gift from his friend, Kathleen
New headphones and a car from Mimi

Bubble Bath

Finn was born with tonsils that are much larger than what is considered normal.  Within the last year, this became an issue when he had a couple ear infections and a few bouts with strep throat.  He had tubes placed in his ears when he was around six months of age and those tubes have worked quite well until a few months ago.

In January, we began noticing that Finn did not seem to be hearing very well.  He wasn't responding when we called his name, he talked to us very loudly, and we had to talk loudly for him to hear us.  After some preschool testing where he failed a basic hearing test, we took him to the ENT.  He failed the hearing test four separate times and we tried several antibiotics and other measures to try to clear his ears and throat that were filled with thick fluid.

Ultimately, the Ear Nose and Throat physician recommended his tonsils and adenoids be removed and a new set of ear tubes would be put in.  This was a pretty aggressive treatment method for his age, but we were all sure that things were not going to get better without doing something drastic.  Finn really couldn't hear anything at all.

His surgery was on June 2 and he's doing amazingly better.  He has been in some pain and has not felt great, but overall he is adapting well.  He comments on how things are so "loud."  The toilet flushing, the airplane in the sky, his brothers playing, the bath water running, the television, etc...  We are so thankful that the surgery thus far has been a huge success for him.  Hoping for a fun summer filled with lots of new and fun adventures for Finn especially now that he can hear so well!