Monday, September 27, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

Our Family (the boys look a little stunned because there is a strange woman jumping up and down trying to get them to look at the camera...I guess it worked o.k.?)
Sweet Little AJ and his lonely two teeth (Liam had about six or more teeth at this age)

Enjoying Lunch

The Boys

BIG Pumpkins

Luke riding the "Cow Train"

Liam loves school buses

There are some things we have done every year since the boys were born and each year it seems to get a little easier even though we have added an additional child. This year was no exception with our trips to the Fair and the baseball game. Maybe we are getting smarter or the boys are getting easier or perhaps our level of chaos is more the "norm" than the exception and we have become more comfortable with that. I am not competely sure, but our yearly trip to the apple and pumpkin orchard over the weekend was a success and a lot of fun for everyone. We even managed to purchase a few pumpkins this time around which we have not done in the past because we could not seem to figure out how to carry pumpkins plus the bags, strollers, and boys all the way to the car! Anyway, the boys loved the animals, enjoyed a ride on the "cow train", checked out the massive pumpkins, and we enjoyed the beginning of fall in Minnesota.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Seventh Inning Stretch

September 7, 2008 First Twins Game for Luke and Liam (lasted six innings)
September 2009-Second Twins Game for Luke and Liam (barely made it 5 innings)

September 19, 2010: Aiden's First Twins Game and our First game at the new Target Field

AJ and Daddy
The boys reaction when I asked them to take a picture

Go Twins!!

Liam's smile for the camera
We took all the boys to the new Target Field to see the Twins play over the weekend. This was the third game for Luke and Liam and the first for Aiden. We try to go once a year when they have "Twins Day" at the stadium. We made it a record seven innings this year and we actually left in good spirits. The boys all did really well. Last year was our hardest year with Luke and Liam because they did not sit in the seats for more than a few minutes and were constantly either on the floor or we were walking around with them. This year was much different as Luke and Liam were at least somewhat interested in the game or at least in what was going on. Liam just wanted to see the Twins mascot the entire time and Luke wanted a hot dog. Aiden, on the other hand, slept some of the time. The new stadium was beautiful although I am pretty sure that is the first baseball game I have ever gone to where they sell hot chocolate! It was a little chilly as you can see by what we are wearing, but it was a beautiful day and we had a great time. The twins asked to "do it again" so I am sure we will be back.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Soccer Class

Liam was crazy about all the balls and was sad to leave when class was over
Running when the teacher said "Green light"

Stopping for the "Red light"

Standing with Daddy
Aiden's new smile, he krinkles his nose all the time when he smiles now.

AJ and his smile again

We have never done any type of class or organized sports activity yet with Luke and Liam (of course they are only 2.5 years). However, John and I recently decided we would try something that was recommended by a friend of ours. I am really not a proponent of starting classes too early for little kids because I just don't think it is worth the time and money you spend on it. The boys are entertained by crawling in boxes, dropping trash in the trashcan, picking up rocks, and watching the garbage man. So, why would we pay for them to do a class? Well, we went against my general thinking, and decided to try a soccer class with them over the next few months as the weather gets colder and we cannot do as much outdoors. They are in a class called the "Thumpers" and it is part of the Lil' Kickers introductory soccer program to teach kids about soccer, get them moving, and also use soccer as a tool to teach them about various life skills.
Our first class was last week and the boys loved it. It wasn't the most organized class, but I have learned to lower my standards a little especially at this age. I guess it is always a little chaotic and disorganised. Luke and Liam ran and ran and ran and were exhausted afterwards. Not only were they tired, but they sat through both dinner and lunch and ate more food than I have seen either of them consume at one meal in months. If that is what it takes to get cooperation at the dinner table and long naps, then I will have to reconsider a few more activities. We stay busy without organized activities, but this was a lot of fun. Both of them loved kicking the ball into the nets and playing games. Aiden was especially entertained watching his brothers.

The shirts that all three boys are wearing are their "soccer jerseys". John got them a shirt that has something about soccer on it from his trip to Munich, Germany recently.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daddy's birthday and the Fair

Mmmm Daddy's cake
Happy Birthday Daddy!

Aiden at the Fair
Checking out the horses
Liam loved the horses
This is how we roll.....

Wild Boys on the motorcycles
Luke loved the airplanes
Liam in the boats

The Fair was exhausting!

Seriously exhausting....

We had our "annual" trip to the Fair over Labor Day weekend. I say, "annual", because this is our second year in a row and that is probably about all that John and I can handle. While the Minnesota State Fair is very nice, I am about 99% sure that I could come up with about a dozen other places I would rather be than at the Fair and I am pretty sure John would say the same. But, there are a lot of things that I guess you will endure if your kids enjoy it and the boys had a great time this year so we will probably be going back. When we asked them what their favorite part of the fair was, Liam replied "the horses" and Luke said "the airplanes" and thought he was taking a trip like Dadddy when he got on the planes. Liam loved petting the horses and was very interested in all the animals. While Luke also enjoyed the animals, he loved the rides and he would light up each time he passed us on a ride. Aiden was a trooper and despite missing his naps for the most part, he did really well and went to bed early that night!
We also celebrated John's birthday with a hockey cake that Luke and Liam helped pick out, of course. Luke and Liam are a good combination in the area of cake consumption since Luke primarily eats the cake and Liam eats the icing.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of Preschool

First day of Preschool, Sept. 1 2010. Liam (Left) and Luke (right) at 2 years and 9 months
Monkey in the middle

A little extra "proof" that AJ loves to watch his brothers
I don't typically post more than once a week, but I wanted to share our pictures of the first day of preschool. The boys started their new classroom this morning. While they were probably the biggest and oldest kids in their previous classroom, they are now some of the smallest and youngest in their new classroom. They kept talking about the "big boys" in their new room and now I know why! They were very excited, but wanted to make sure I would be back to get them for lunch and I assured them that I would so they were good to go.
In addition, in case anyone doubted me when I said that Aiden loves to watch his brothers, take a look at the picture with Aiden at the bottom. The boys will climb just about anything and everything and there are some things that are absolute no-no's (i.e. tables and nice furniture) and there are other things where I warn them they might fall and hurt themselves, but sometimes experience is the best teacher for us so this picture shows you how they spent about an hour of their morning yesterday with Aiden watching! They stacked the toys on top, then dropped them on the floor and picked them back up. I am really in trouble when Aiden figures out how to do this.