Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankgiving 2010

Luke and Liam hung ornaments on the Christmas tree for the first time this year; however, we still have our tree behind closed doors!
Liam showing me the Santa

Aiden in his green stripes

Our big purchase...SKATES!!

Purple Pj's (this is their favorite color right now)

Aiden's first spaghetti

Unbelievable. Not sure this needs much explaining
We have had a wonderful week of Thanksgiving. John took off this week and we did not travel anywhere so we have enjoyed some time around here to catch up on things, play, and rest. John has done just about everything imaginable with the boys this week including gymnastics open gym, a jumping place, McDonald's, a hockey game, various errands, etc...The boys seemed really tired tonight after a week of fun with Daddy. We made a big purchase this week and got the boys some "hockey skates." They are thrilled about them and cannot wait to go skating. We have been "skating" in the bonus room all week. The earliest they offer lessons here is three years of age so we are giving this some thought for the New Year since they pretty much have to learn how to skate if we live in Minnesota! Luke has already decided that he wants to be a goalie. Liam is actually pretty agile on his roller skates in the basement so it will be fun to see him on the ice.
We have a lot to be thankful for this year and want to wish our friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow

Aiden in the wagon
O.k....let me explain. We were attempting to try on a snow suit that Liam wore. A neighbor handed it down to us and obviously it did not fit Aiden and obviously he loved it!

Enjoying the snow! Much better outfit too.
Liam with the shovel
Helping Daddy
Liam and John
Luke and Liam with the sleds. We now have one that holds all three!

Let it Snow...It seems like I have said that before? We had our first snow storm over the weekend and it was quite a big one for November. I think I must have misunderstood the weatherman who said we would get "a few inches" because we ended up with at least a foot of snow. We were a little more prepared this year than we have been in years past. We had our snow boots, gloves, hats, coats, pants, etc...and we were ready to go. The boys were so excited about going out in the snow and helping Daddy "mow" (or blow) the snow. There were a few things we have yet to purchase that we are working on like a sled that holds three kids and small shovels for each of the boys. Liam was most interested in shoveling the snow himself while Luke preferred to ride on the sled or eat the snow. Aiden was not too sure about it at first and was really not fond of all the clothing we had to put on, but he adjusted. Gotta start early since it would not be Minnesota without snow.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Toddlers and an Infant

Playing outside (even in the dark!)
Puzzles with Aunt Sarah

The Three Stooges

Playing outside

Calvin Resting after all that work with the mixer truck
Aj in the tunnel
Mimi watching AJ at gymnastics open gym
Luke swinging
Calvin in the foam pit

Making sure we are well-fed

Throwing monkeys off the steps
Hiding in the dryer
Celebrating Mimi and Sarah's birthdays
Waiting patiently for CAKE!!!

Mimi and Sarah's birthday cake
Three Toddlers and an Infant...that is pretty much what our week revolved around. John has been away on business in Australia for the past week and my mom, sister, and nephew came to visit/help out for a few days while he was away. We had a big time with some unseasonably warm weather that allowed us to spend many hours outside. How do you keep three, two year olds and an infant happy? Well, we kept them well-fed, well-rested, and VERY busy! We did gymnastics, sang songs, played outside, played inside, worked puzzles, watched movies (very short ones), celebrated two birthdays, and rejoiced when it was bedtime! Whew....what a week. Thanks Mimi, Calvin, and Aunt Sarah! And John, ummm, no more trips over daylight savings time again until our kids are at least 15 years of age.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Parade and Party

Most of our twin friends with the top of Jack's head at the bottom of this picture
AJ the Lion

Luke and Liam as Viking Football players

John's pumpkins

Liam Rocks!

On the firetruck with some of our neighbor friends (Aiden is the Lion in the middle and friend Carter is the lion on the right. You may recognize the lion costumes from Luke and Liam last year!)

All the neighborhood kids!!

Two Vikings and a Lion

Trick or Treat!
We had a great Halloween. Luke and Liam really got into the trick or treating this year. Once they figured out they could go house to house and get candy, they were running door to door. Liam was so excited at the end of the night when he looked in his pumpkin and said, "Look, its half full Mommy and Daddy." Liam was a little partial to the people giving out suckers while Luke really did not seem to care what he got. Aiden went along for the ride in the wagon as he often does. John carved some pumpkins and the boys were very interested at how the pumpkins would light up. Luke and Liam were Minnesota Viking football players. We got several comments (positive and negative) about the Vikings. Honestly, we are not really Viking fans but the boy's favorite color is purple and they wanted purple jerseys so that is how this costume began. Aiden was a lion which was a costume handed down from Luke and Liam last year.
We also had our 7th annual Halloween Parade in the neighborhood where all the kids get dressed up and walk behind the firetruck. The boys love firetrucks so this was really cool. I think now they associate Halloween with firetrucks.
We also had our 3rd annual "Twin Friends" Halloween party. We all dressed up and had a great time eating and playing with all our friends. It is hard to believe we have known each other for three years already. It was a wild party with 6 sets of twins and two infants.