Sunday, June 28, 2015

Baseball Season

Aiden's T-ball Team-The Hornets.  Aiden is on the far left (very end)

The "Hustling Hornet", Aiden Carrithers

Just chillin' after a long day of baseball watching

Liam at bat

Finn took this picture (with a little help) after Liam's awesome catch and much needed out for the Pirates!

Coin Toss for Luke and Liam's championship game

Aiden playing catch with his new friend, Izzy.

National Anthem for the championship.  Luke is #7 and 5th from the left and Liam #3 on far right 

Luke at bat

Coach Pete with the boys after the game

Little disappointed that we lost

Team picture of the 8 and under Pirates


Batter up

Daddy with Luke and Liam

Baseball season for the summer of 2015 ended for us over the weekend.  Aiden had his final game last Wednesday.  He enjoyed T-ball quite a bit this year especially because several of his friends were on his team.  John and I are pretty excited because we only have one more season of T-ball left (for Finn, that is).  While T-ball is fun for the kids, if you are a parent then you know it can be painfully SLOW.

Luke and Liam finished up their regular season games on Wednesday as well and then played in an 8 and under tournament over the weekend.  Our first game was Friday night when we faced the A's and we won so we played a second game that night against the Mets.  The boys were pretty excited to play in the late game since they got to play under the stadium lights!  We all attended the game and surprisingly Finn made it for both games and was quite entertaining.

After winning the second game on Friday night, we played Saturday afternoon in the championship game against the White Sox.  It was a pretty cool thing to watch as they announced all the names of the players, sang the national anthem, etc...  We ended up losing by one run, but the boys really played well.  It was quite impressive to see how much they improved in their hitting, catching, and throwing over the season.  Each of the players also had a much better understanding of the game by the end of the season.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Finn's First Game and Father's Day

Finn attended his very first Minnesota Twins Baseball game on Father's Day-June 21, 2015

It was a beautiful day at Target Field

We ran the bases after the game!

Down on the field

Walking into the game (there was a giant fingerprint on the camera lens so the picture is a bit blurry)

Happy Father's Day John!

Preparing to run the bases

Checking out the bullpen.  The boys all hope that one day we will see our cousin Zach warming up in there!

Finn is getting ready to run the bases

And this picture of John kinda cracks me up
Minnesota Twins 2015

Good job Finn!

Luke (under basket) at basketball camp

Basketball camp, Grades 1-4

Finn was able to attend his first Twins baseball game on Father's Day 2015.  While we took Luke, Liam, and Aiden to their first game when they were around 9-10 months old, Finn is nearly two and had to wait just a bit longer.  I think perhaps we are wiser now as parents or maybe just more tired?  Of course, there is the factor of adding in not only Finn to the equation, but also his older brothers when we go to a baseball game.  When Luke and Liam were younger, our world revolved around them, of course.  Thankfully, we seem to finally be at the point where Luke and Liam enjoy watching the game.  Aiden still gets a bit restless and Finn was more than ready to go by the end of this game.  

We did, however, make it for the entire 9 innings with only a break for ice cream around the 6th inning (and a few random potty breaks) which is more than I can say for the previous games we have gone to when Luke, Liam, and Aiden were younger.  Our goal was to make it to the end of the game because on Sundays at Target Field you can run the bases after the game!

The weather at Target field was perfect with warm temperatures, sun and only a light breeze.  Aside from the fact that the Twins lost 8-0 against the Chicago Cubs, it was a perfect day at the ball park.  

In other news this week, Luke and Liam finished their first ever basketball camp at the local junior high school.  They really enjoyed it and seemed to learn a lot about the game in the process.  They are already asking to do it again next summer! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

More Summer Fun!

The boys built a cool fort with our neighbor Jack after some bushes were trimmed.

Finn's first popsicle at the pool

Pool time with some buddies on an unusually warm day in MN

Hanging out with Luke and Liam

Finn wants to show his jersey to Grandpa and Grandma Carrithers, Tom, and Charlene.  We received the hand me down jersey from a friend who is a Hawk fan.


Finn really wanted to try out the skates

Summer is underway and I am not sure which is busier-the daytime, the evenings, or both!  After a full day of activities, we have baseball on two nights per week.  On the "off" nights, we still seem to find things to keep ourselves busy.  We have been able to go swimming on a warm day last week where the temps hit 90 degrees.  Luke and Liam are doing a basketball camp this week and Aiden has Bible school next week so the fun continues!  I never have any trouble falling asleep at night and neither do the boys.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Let the Summer Fun Begin

Finn is playing catch at Aiden's t-ball game

New Summer haircuts complete with some hair coloring 

End of School party with some twin friends at the Way Cool Cooking School

New tie dye shirts that we made on the last day of school

Liam is enjoying some whip cream with a cherry on top at the end of school party.

Eating ice cream is hard work

Luke, Liam, and Aiden got to try out a new 3 on 3 hockey rink opening in our city and we got the new t-shirts!
We had a busy week as Luke and Liam finished first grade.  Aiden finished preschool last week and will move onto kindergarten next year.  We had a picnic at school, baseball games, an end of the school year party with friends, dinner out to celebrate with friends, and a pizza making party with twin friends just to name a few things...

We are looking forward to a fun summer with a few activities planned and mostly some time to play and relax.  Let the Summer Fun Begin!

Monday, June 1, 2015


Luke is showing me his cool way to sit on the monkey bars

Aiden won the "Hustling Hornet" award for working hard on his T-ball team.  He has been waiting patiently to win the award for several weeks and was so excited.

Guess who this is??

Look at all those curls...

Check out the gorgeous curls right before his first haircut

And here is his twin....

No, not Liam but his twin born a few years later.

Finn has curls just like his brother Luke and his mom!

Beautiful curls!  Not as many or as thick as Luke, but it sure is cute.

Showing me his cookie

It seems that Finn has inherited the gene for curly hair.  He doesn't have the thick curls quite like his brother Luke had, but he doesn't have all that much hair yet (even though he is almost two).  There are some days when it is humid and it is really curly and adorable.

Luke and Liam finish school this week and Aiden finished last week!  They are all super excited to start summer break.  It is guaranteed to be a busy and fun summer.  We are looking forward to time off from school.

Happy Summer!