Thursday, November 22, 2007

Give Thanks

We started Thanksgiving off with a 5K race in downtown Minneapolis and really enjoyed it. John ran a great 5k in 19:55 or a 6:25 pace. Adi and Hannah walked the course and finished under an hour, which was Hannah's slowest 5K ever and the first time to walk a race but it was a good time. It is quite cold and we have gotten about an inch of snow (our first snowfall of the season). We are cooking a 14 lb turkey that John's employer gave to all its employees and making sweet potatoes, green beans, dressing, and rolls. John also made an apple pie last night that was delicious. We have enjoyed a nice day of cooking, relaxing, and taking Adi to the park to play in the snow. We are very thankful and feel blessed to have each other and the babies on the way. We are also thankful that Hannah is still able to move around rather than being on bedrest by this point in time. The babies continue to grow and kick all the time.

Happy Thanksgiving 2007!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Are you having a November Baby?

I am posting a few new pictures of the growing Belly. I am at 29 weeks and counting. John has been busy with work and was able to go to Florida for a conference last week. I took a class in breastfeeding at the hospital and together we are taking a series of birthing classes on multiples and completed a class on caring for your newborn. I was recently a store when a young and well-meaning girl said to me: "Oh, are you having a November Baby?". John loves this story. I did point out that I am having TWO babies and they are not due until January. She was very nice and tried to play it down by saying that there were so many November babies recently that had come into the store, etc....Adi continues to run with John and actually ran for an hour this morning. It is getting colder here with chances of snow for Thanksgiving. The babies continue to be active and kicking all the time. Their kicks are more frequent and stronger.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Early Christmas

We had Christmas a little early last week as our big items started arriving for the babies. We put together our two cribs and started rearranging the room to get ready for the babies. We are fortunate our temporary housing has at least one big bedroom so we can fit our bed, two cribs, and at least a dresser in the room. We also received our car seats and Snap n Go and started testing those out. Barring a few issues with the snap n go and its ability to hold two carseats, we should be fine. If you know anyone having twins, I am now an expert on strollers and carseats and which ones accomodate a double snap and go and which ones do not. Honestly, I had a few things to share with the employees at Babies R Us!!

Have a great week!

John, Hannah, and the Twins.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Adi and the Minnesota Trails

Adi is really enjoying the trails and parks in Minnesota. John has been trying to take her running in the mornings and she is up to around 5 miles with a few breaks to chase Canadian geese, swim in the pond, and search for things in the tall grass. She really loves it and knows when John starts stretching to run that it is time to go. We are fortunate to have a really large park with trails across the street from where our temporary housing is located. Here are a couple pictures from our recent walk.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Job and New Belly Pictures

Hello Family and Friends,

We are officially in our temporary housing in Minnesota. We are still using our cell phone from NJ. Send us an email if you need the mailing address or cell phone. We are renting a small duplex, but it is adequate and a good fit with the animals. The bedrooms are large so we should be able to fit two cribs in there for the babies!

John is doing well in his new job. I am posting a picture of the outside of the company he is working for. It is a very pretty building and the commute is so easy, particularly in comparison to NJ traffic.

We attended our first birthing class for multiples last night and really enjoyed it. We learned a lot and found it fun to hear what others are going through who are also expecting twins. We were the only ones moving, starting a new job, having twins, and trying to sell a house, of course!

Hannah's first doctor's appointment in MN went well. She is still progressing nicely and will have an ultrasound later in the week so we can see how the babies are doing. We heard two heartbeats yesterday, but are anxious to see how much they have grown in the past 3 weeks. She is now at 27 weeks and counting....Hannah continues to swim daily and has joined a fitness center in MN.

Adi and ZuZu are adjusting well and had a great time with the Maymir's. They loved the kids and the kids loved the pets. We all enjoyed spending the week with Debbie and Juan Carlos and appreciated all of their hospitality.

We are trying out this blog for awhile and hopefully it will help keep people up to date on the twins and our new adventures in MN.

John, Hannah, the Twins, Adi, and ZuZu