Thursday, February 26, 2009

On the Wild Side

Let's get moving, mom!
Checking out the Aquarium with Mom
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!

Liam watching the fish
The Zoo Gang (minus one person who had not arrived yet)
Left to Right: Elliot & Olivia, Savannah, Liam & Luke, Charlie & Jack
INSIDE the cabinets!

Who ME???

Liam has started holding his hands in the air and talking recently
The boys made their first trip to the Minnesota Zoo this past week and enjoyed getting to see a few animals. It is still too cold outside to do the entire zoo, but they have some very nice indoor walking trail and exhibits. I think their favorite was probably the aquarium, but that may have also been because they got to get out of the stroller and crawl around for awhile. We went to the zoo with 3 other sets of twins and our neighbor friends Sarah and Savannah.
We are getting pretty good snowstorm today so the boys and I have tried to find things to do around the house. They are amazingly good at getting into the cabinets. There are two that are unlocked and they always search to find them. We still are not walking yet, just crawling into everything. We move in opposite directions of each other as well as opposite directions of mom and dad so catching us can be tricky!

Friday, February 20, 2009


It has been a tougher than normal week for me after having a little bout of the stomach virus. It is interesting to me that I probably have not (thankfully) had a stomach virus in at least 10 years until the boys were born and now I have had it twice in less than a year! I must be encountering a lot of little viruses from lots of little babies or something. I am quite thankful, however, that the boys have somehow managed not to catch anything yet. They are doing well and took it a little easier on me the last couple of days when I was not feeling well. John got the bulk of the work when he arrived home from work to find me in bed which probably has never happened since we have been married. We had a slower week in terms of playdates and had to stay home a bit more. The boys have enjoyed climbing the stairs with our assistance as you can see in the pictures. They get so excited and so proud of themselves. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

13 Months and Counting!

Some of our friends at the Playdate (Jack and James)

Sandy with Luke

Watching babies eat cheerios like little vultures!

Playing Together

Liam pushing his car

when mommy turns her back for two seconds to take care of Liam.....

the problem with letting them "play" in the dishwasher

Trouble 1 and trouble 2

The boys are another month old this week and continue to make us laugh. They are babbling a lot more to each other and at times it can be very loud. They are interacting a lot together and laugh at each other all the time. Still no walking yet, though Luke is taking a few steps on his own and standing for longer periods of time. The snow is melting here and temps are getting up into the 30's so we feel like winter is nearing an end, hopefully. We had a very cold January, so even 30 degrees feels pretty warm. I am posting a few random pictures of the boys playing as well as a few pictures from our playdate last week at an indoor park. We always enjoy getting together with the twins group. We ended up with about 12 babies so we were busy keeping up with everyone. Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Boy Seats

Playing with Daddy and our Favorite toys (the TV remotes)
Running around naked after bathtime....catch me if you can Mommy!

Luke in his new big boy car seat

Liam in his new big boy car seat

Ready to Go!!

This week we made a big step forward by moving from our rear facing infant car seats to our forward facing seats. We can finally ride in the car and watch the DVD player on the long long car trips to visit family. We both thought it was pretty neat to be able to ride in the car and look out the windows. We have not started walking yet, still just pushing our toys around and walking behind them. Our group of multiples is getting together tomorrow for a play date at a local indoor park. Everyone in the group turns a year old during the months of January to April of this year so we have a few first birthday parties to attend. We are finally seeing some warmer temperatures here in Minnesota so we are thankful to see what appears to be grass under all that snow. We hope that spring will be earlier this year than it was last year, but time will tell.