Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Madness

Night, Night!
Daddy reading us a Story....and the fun begins

Passing things through the cribs

Liam with both doggies

Luke upset because Liam has his doggie, at least he still has the pacifier at this point

Eating a Snack and watching Baby Einstein with our friends Jack and Charlie

Luke loving on Kirsten (Jack and Charlie's Mom)

Liam inside the toy (it is about a foot or so off the ground and he likes to climb inside)

John and I love this time of year for two reasons. One, spring is around the corner and two...March Madness! We both love to watch the NCAA basketball tournament and always compete in our brackets which, as an aside, I happen to be winning this year. Nonetheless, spring was put on hold this week with some very cool temperatures, a lot of rain, and a ton of wind so the boys and I have been forced to be inside a bit more than we like to be. We went for our first family bike ride last weekend around the Lakes downtown so we got a good taste of spring weather.
I am posting some random pictures. We love playing with our friends Jack and Charlie and we are so thankful to have good friends especially after the long winter days inside. The boys are also hilarious when we put them to bed recently. John reads them a short book and then they play and laugh for typically 30 minutes after we leave the room. Liam is quite the thief and typically ends up with both pacifiers and often both stuffed dogs in his crib while Luke is sitting in his bed crying. I don't feel too sorry for Luke, however, considering he is notorious for yanking toys and anything else out of his brother's hands during the day.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Fever

Dad and the boys-it is hard to get a picture with both boys now since they are in constant motion
Luke is walking!!

I am going to push my way in there!

Liam loves to get inside of things

Guess who took all the shoes off the rack?

Our new Wagon (thanks to Ann, Dan, Jacob, Caitlin, and Ella)-note the snow, it has melted now!

After having both boys sick with ear infections and colds over the last week, John and I caught whatever the boys had and we were pretty sick last weekend and most of this week. We are doing better now, thankfully.

Our big news for this week is that Luke is walking! He has been taking one or two steps gradually over the last month or so, but beginning early this week he started taking several steps at a time and is getting more and more steady each day. He is quite proud of himself and works so hard to get across the room. Liam is still in his own world and does not seem to pay attention to his brother. He is still very fast with his crawling and babbles non stop all day.

We had some beautiful weather this week. As you will see in the pictures, early this week we still had snow on the ground and now the snow has all melted and we are hoping it will stay that way. The temperatures actually got up to near 60 degrees this week and we took a trip out in the stroller and our new red wagon.
Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ear Infections, Teeth, and Wild Hair

Liam crawling away with the clothes he pulled from the clothes basket
Luke after bathtime

ZuZu on her perch over the bonus room

Luke pushing the lawn mower from Aunt Jennifer

Liam in the clothes basket. He likes to pull all the clothes out and throw them on the floor.

Side profile of Luke's wild and curly hair!

Front view of Luke's wild and curly hair

Luke has learned to throw his diaper in the diaper genie

Relaxing with Dad in our Dr. Seuss towels after bathtime

We have definitely had better weeks, but we have probably had worse weeks as well....Although I forgot to mention this in my previous post last week, Liam had an ear infection at the end of last week and then on Monday morning we were in the doctor again for Luke. Both boys have a left ear infection and a little bit of a runny nose. Liam is also getting SEVEN teeth according to the doctor who felt like the pain from his ear was minor in comparison to the pain from his teeth since he is getting both his molars and his cuspids. So, the week has been a little rough for mom and dad, but hopefully we are on the upswing. After a bad day, I am always glad we can start over fresh the next day!

On another note, I have mentioned a couple of times that Luke has curly hair (courtesy of his Mom). I got a couple of pictures of his hair recently to show you how wild it can be if it has not been brushed after his bath.

We got a March snowstorm this week and it feels like January outside, but they are promising that this will soon pass. Luke is really progressing in his walking. Although both boys walk well behind their push toys, Luke has taken a few consecutive steps recently. He is even pushing his lawnmower a little (see picture) which is harder to balance than the other push toys.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Serious about Juice

Lots and Lots of Babies, Lots and Lots of Toys!

and more babies...

Liam trying out a new toy at the Playdate

Relaxing in the Bathtub (Luke is singing)

We have had a busy week that wrapped up today with a party for our Multiples Playgroup. We had a total of 7 Moms and 14 babies. Most of the babies have turned a year old within the last few months so we celebrated their first birthdays with cupcakes, juice, fruit, and some bagels for the adults.
We have also had some painting done at our house this week and it looks wonderful. The downstairs was very plain and kind of a cream color so we added some color to the walls. We also painted the boy's bathroom a bright blue and made it a "Dr. Seuss" themed bathroom. Obviously, I was more excited than the boys about their new bathroom and I told them that I spend more time in their bathroom than I do my own so why not make it cute and fun? I am posting some pictures of the boys in the bathtub. They both have developed a fondness for laying in the tub on their backs and relaxing. It is quite funny!
We are beginning to have some spring weather here and made a trip out in the stroller for the first time this year in Minnesota. We are hoping this continues, but more than likely we will have at least another snow storm or two before spring arrives.
Have a nice weekend!