Saturday, July 9, 2011

More with Grandma and Grandpa Carrithers

This picture of John and Aiden was taken a few weeks ago at the small Hennepin County Fair we went to. It was printed in a small local newspaper.
Aiden is helping John water the plants (and himself). It is finally hot here and very humid.
The boys are helping Daddy repair the drapes that they pulled down. Supposedly, the new anchors will hold up to 238 lbs. The boys love to look out the window when they are supposed to be sleeping.
Reading books before bed with Grandma and Grandpa
More books!
The boys had a wonderful couple of days after the 4th of July with Grandma and Grandpa Carrithers. They returned to school on Thursday and the first thing their teacher asked was what they did over the 4th of July. I was thinking they would say that they went to the baseball game because they have been talking about it, but they said that they read books on the deck with Grandma and Grandpa. Funny since we only did this one night while they were here, but they always seem to remember the little things. Thanks for the visit Grandma and Grandpa!
Aiden turned 18 months old on July 2nd. He is really funny right now and so animated at times. When he goes to the grocery store with me, he says "Hi" (somewhat loudly) to everyone we pass. He is saying all kinds of words and is much farther along in his verbal capabilities than either Luke or Liam at this age. He repeats almost everything and studies his brothers when they are playing. He has a good understanding of words as well and will do things like put on his shoes when we ask him to. He is also quite insistent and makes it very clear when he does not approve of something.

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