Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Week and Father's Day

Here is a look at our week in Pictures: 

 Liam got to go on a "special date" with John one night this week after achieving all of the stars on his behavior chart.  John took him to this upscale, cute candy store.  John commented that this is a place we would never take all three boys because walking into a store like that can get out of hand quickly when you have six hands grabbing things!!  Liam picked up things very carefully and chose his treat (the big sucker that we still have not finished!) and a bag of gummy worms to share with his brothers. 

Aiden in the water table, this looks so much like Luke and Liam when they were his age and did the same exact thing!

He loves to get wet!  Seems like he loves getting wet with his clothes on more than he likes to swim at the pool when he has his bathing suit on. 

End of the school year party with our neighbors and Luke and Liam are trying to figure out the scene. 

 They had a kids dance party and played music and games while the kids danced around.  The boys got into it, but were a bit overwhelmed at first.  Dancing is not something they see often with John or myself.

Playing a game with the little kids

Liam is showing off his beads and new frisbee from the "dance party"

I asked Luke to let me get a picture of him and this is what I got

Aiden and his cozy coupe.  He is always saying that he is "going to work" and recently he has been telling me that "he has a lot of homework to do."

We also did a little painting one morning this week.  This is an activity that Luke and Liam love to do, but it is just a handful when Aiden is also painting.  Liam worked on his green alligator for at least 30 minutes.  He wanted it all completely green because "alligators are only green, and nothing else."

Luke painted his snake.  He really wanted it to be purple but the choices were red, green, or blue so we mixed a few colors to get a purplish color. 

Painting with a two year old is much different than painting with a four year old!  My tips:  1)Always paint when you plan to do laundry anyway.  2) Paint outside and have a bucket of water and a towel ready to wash off.  3) If possible, paint with nothing but underwear/diapers (it was too chilly for that on this morning or I would have). 

This is a picture of Aiden's new croc.  Why am I posting a picture of one croc?  Well, Aiden takes his shoes off at least every time we get in and out of the car or anytime we go ANYWHERE!  I bet I put his shoes on five times in two hours on the day this picture was taken.  He frequently kicks his shoes off when we are getting in the car.  I am trying to buckle all the carseats and get everyone in the car and he often kicks his shoes off and they roll out the door of the van.  One day this week, I drove off and left his croc in the parking lot.  I didn't realize it until I got all the way home and sent John a text asking him to please stop by the parking lot and look around for AJ's croc.  Thankfully, we found it.
Funny story from the week:  Luke and Liam (and Aiden, by default) have really been working on learning their letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc...We have come a long way in just a few months of working on this.  We count and spell all the time.  All this week, they have been asking the same question:  "Mommy, when Aiden is 5, how old will Luke and Liam be?"  So, we add two and I tell them that Luke and Liam will be 7 years old.  "When AJ is 7, how old will Luke and Liam be?"  I respond that Luke and Liam will be 9 years old.  When Aiden is 9, then Luke and Liam will be?"  What about when Aiden is 20, then how old will Luke and Liam be?  You get the idea?  This scenario has gone on for at least 20 minutes in the car while we "add two" to Aiden's age to get Luke and Liam's age.  Then, they respond with, "wow, mommy that is really really old.  That is almost as old as you are." 

Lastly, in honor of Father's day, the boys did an "Interview with Daddy."  Thank you Daddy for being so fun to be around.  Thank you for taking us to get donuts on Saturdays, playing baseball in the yard, doing puzzles, building with legos, loving us, and being patient with us.  We love you and we love spending time with you.  Happy Father's Day as well to Grandpa Carrithers and Grandpa Morse, we love you both and thank you for the time we get to spend with you.  Here's our interview.....(Luke was really into this despite the fact that Liam and AJ kinda disappeared midway through).

Where did you grow up?  Parkersburg, West Virginia

What is your favorite childhood memory?  Playing T-ball

What was it like being a kid back then?  I enjoyed playing outside all day with neighbors and friends.  There were no computers

When you were my age, did you have any favorite games or toys?  I loved to play hide and seek and red rover.  I loved to climb trees and play with my firetrucks and spiderman toys.

What was your favorite movie when you were a child?  The first movie I remember enjoying was ET.

If you could meet yourself as a kid, what would you tell yourself?  Always do your best.

Happy Fathers Day!!!

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