Monday, September 15, 2014

September Update

Finn and Aiden at the park.  Times have changed a lot for us with Luke and Liam in school everyday.
Guess who tries to play hockey all the time?
Luke and Liam's biggest fan

Luke at a hockey camp

Liam at hockey camp
The leaves are beginning to change, the days are getting shorter, and the temps are getting cooler.  And just as the season is changing, things have changed a lot for us over the last two weeks as Luke and Liam began school all day everyday.  So far, they are really enjoying school.  I still don't get a lengthy report about their day at school, but it seems to be going well.  Aiden doesn't mind the extra attention while his brothers are gone.  Although we miss them a lot, a little more quiet here at the house isn't such a bad thing occasionally.

Luke and Liam are also doing a hockey camp called the "Little Wild," after Minnesota's NHL hockey team "The Wild."  The purpose of the camp is to teach kids how to play hockey and to promote the sport in general.  They provide all the equipment to get started as part of the camp.  Buying all the hockey equipment is obviously a huge deterrent for most people considering the sport of hockey.   They love to skate and constantly ask us when they will have their next "hockey practice."

Aiden is also enjoying school a lot.  It has been a big step for him to do two full days rather than two half days.  He enjoys eating his lunch at school and has several new friends, all of which are girls!  He enjoys swimming lessons and playdates on the days that his brothers are at school.

Finn is really getting around these days.  He climbs everything.  I found him up on top of the kitchen table the other day.  He is walking more, but it is still only a couple steps before he falls to the ground.  His preference is still crawling.   I think he needs a part time janitorial job at the hockey rink after all the things he picked up off the dirty floor while we watched the big boys skate.

Enjoy your week!

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