Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vacation Bible School

 Luke and Liam were super excited about biking all the way across this bridge at the park.  Previously, I was hesitant to even let all of us walk across the bridge unless we were buckled in strollers!  Aiden was still in a stroller for this one, but the boys did great.

Crazy Luke on his bike

New Blanket for more picnics at the park

First Day of Vacation Bible School 2012

Aiden is kissing his puppy before a nap.  He has the puppy on his pillow (with blanket and ball).

Doesn't everyone drive their cozy coupe down the slip n slide? 

What should I do now? 

What Mom?

 Playing in the fountain (thankfully no one fell in)

 Aiden is drinking the water from the fountain

Yes, seriously, he is drinking it.  He skipped dinner that night so I guess he was hungry!
We had a busy and fun week as Luke and Liam attended Vacation Bible School for the second summer.  Aiden and I helped at VBS as well this year.  I say Aiden "helped" because he stayed in the nursery for 3.5 hours while I served snacks.  The boys had a great time with all the activites although I think we will be ready for some down time this weekend.  On our way home one day, Liam said to me, "Mom, let me tell you something, I really, really liked Vacation Bible School."  So, I asked him what he liked about vacation bible school?  Liam's response was the crafts and his leader Marc.  Luke's response was the singing and snack time. 
A funny story from Luke this week and please do not be offended by the content because it really was pretty funny at the time.  I am writing it down to hopefully remember it in a few years.  We were taking baths one night this week and he randomly said, "hey Mommy, you do not have a pee-pee."  I responded, that he was correct in that only boys and Daddies have pee-pees.  He said, "yeah Mom, so when God ran out of pee-pees, he just made the everyone else Mommies!"  Its funny how Luke's mind works! 

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