Monday, February 13, 2017


Dryland hockey practice.  Liam is super serious.

Luke has quite a funny personality

Team Canada in red plus our buddy Jack in yellow at the fun Olympics practice

Go Team Canada (Liam's team)
Luke was practicing so hard, he broke his stick!

If we can't skate on the ice, we just move to the driveway.  Finn really loves his little roller skates.  He wants a pair like his brothers (which are roller blades).

Liam practicing
In just a week, the weather in Minnesota has really changed.  It feels quite spring-like which is very unusual for February.  The snow is melting and nearly non existent.  Sadly, we are not sure the backyard ice rink will recover from these warm temps.  The outdoor rinks at the local parks closed today so that's a bit of a sign that we are moving on.  It has been nice to break out the outdoor toys and spend a bit of time in the cold (but not bitter cold) sunshine.  Over the weekend, the boys moved from the backyard rink to the driveway to play hockey so they are not missing out by any means.  I have lived here long enough to know that it generally warms up for a few days or even a week, but we are not finished with winter yet.  It is not unusual to have snow in May so I guess time will tell, but the warm weather has been nice.  

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