Tuesday, February 21, 2017

President's Day Weekend

Finn and his buddy, Cole, entertaining themselves at Luke and Liam's team hockey party

Finn is serving cheese for the tacos at his big brother's party

Finn and Cole serving taco toppings

An absolutely beautiful day at the park with Jack, Charlie, and Andy.  Yes, the lakes are still a bit frozen as you can see in background.

Another gorgeous day with neighborhood friends playing basketball

Luke and Liam's hockey party.  Shockingly, they were able to keep this ice in good shape at a nearby community center.  It has a refrigeration system, but I still don't know how it was in such good shape for skating.

That's John dragging Finn on the ice.

Watching the lego Batman movie with our best friends, Jack and Charlie as well as two other classmates.  Sadly, Aiden had to miss the movie because he, Finn, and Dad went to Aiden's hockey game.

Buffalo Wild Wings after the movie
We had a fun long weekend over President's Day.  We were out of school for both Friday and Monday so it felt like a bit of a vacation.  While we still had our regular hockey schedule over the weekend, we enjoyed some down time as well.  Friday was absolutely perfect outside and we enjoyed playing at the park.  Minnesota set a new record high temperature over the weekend when it got up to 60 degrees in February!

We celebrated Jack and Charlie's 9th birthday with a movie, dinner, and a sleepover at their house.  This was the first sleepover that Luke and Liam have done (kind of).  They slept over at Kirsten's out of necessity the night before we closed on our previous house because we had no beds, no furniture, etc...Kirsten kept all three big boys for us while we signed papers and prepared to move to our present house (that was nearly two years ago).  All of the boys had a fantastic time together and went to bed super early the next day, but I am sure we will do it again sometime soon.

Have a great week!

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