Sunday, February 26, 2017

Growing Boys

Cool and Too Cool.  Another crazy picture of Finn and his buddy, Cole, at their brother's hockey game.

Aiden and several of his hockey buddies before their game.  Aiden is on the far right (the last one in red jersey)

Luke and Liam had their 9 year well visits this week and Aiden had his 7 year well visit a few weeks ago.  We are thankful that all three boys are growing fast and doing well.  For those of you interested in numbers and growth curves, keep reading.  If this type of information doesn't suite you, then you might want to skip all of the data below!

If you have seen Luke lately, you know that he is rapidly catching up to me and probably in another year (hopefully two or more), he is going to reach me in height and weight!  Luke was 57.99 inches and 93 lbs at his recent visit.  The crazy part about this is that he grew 3 inches from last year and gained 13 pounds!  The report from his pediatrician said he is a "strong, sturdy, big boy!"

Liam is small, but mighty.  He also had a big year of growing even though it is hard to see when compared to Luke.  He grew 3 inches as well and gained a total of 10 pounds.  Liam is currently 51 inches and 59 pounds.

Aiden follows a similar growth pattern as Luke although he isn't nearly as tall as Luke.  At his seven year well-visit, Aiden was 63 lbs (heavier than Liam) and 49 inches.  At age seven, Luke was already two inches taller and 4 pounds heavier than Aiden at the same age.  And this is probably why Liam always looks so small when compared to Luke.  He is actually pretty average in height, but he is dwarfed by Luke who is a head taller than any kid his age.

It will surely be interesting to see what happens with Finn.  To date, he is measuring taller than Luke at the same age.  He is already a head taller than most of his peers.  In the future as the boys all get bigger, I think it might be best if people could just send us gift cards to use towards our food bill!!  I feel like they already eat a lot and they are not even teenagers.

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