Monday, March 6, 2017

Finn's first friend birthday party

Finn and his buddy, Andy, doing some karate.

Go Blackhawks!  This was on our locker room door when we played a team in their jamboree recently.
Finn is doing a dinosaur bone dig at a birthday party for his buddy, Landon.

Happy 4th birthday Landon!!

Checking out the dinosaurs around Landon's house

More digging

Paleontologists hard at work
Finn attended his first birthday party for a friend of his over the weekend.  His buddy, Landon, turned four years old on March 4th and Finn helped him to celebrate.  I just realized today as I was putting together the blog that this was the first party Finn has attended for a friend of HIS.  He has been to many parties with his older brothers, but this was the first one for a friend that is his age where he went without his big brothers.  Landon had a super cute dinosaur party where we excavated dinosaur bones and learned about all the different types of dinosaurs and what they like to eat, where and when they were alive, etc...Each child got to take home a box of sand to do additional searching for dinosaur bones and treasures.

We are nearing the end of our regular association hockey season and ready for a little break before spring hockey begins.  It will be nice to have a change in the routine for awhile.  The boys will have different teams for spring hockey and will play more games than practice so that will also be an nice change of pace.  Stay tuned for the end of season jamboree...a favorite event for all the Mite level hockey players.  This is Luke and Liam's last year as Mite players.  Hockey becomes a bit more serious (and more expensive) next year when they try out for a Squirt Team.

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